The Only Constant is Change

suicide_quoteMy friend died this week. There is an empty space that he once occupied, not daily or weekly or monthly… but all the time. I don’t know I would have been aware of that last week or last month or even last year. But I am aware today. Jim is one of those people I’ve known for more than half my life. He passed in and out of highlights of my memory, a young man on stage in PVT. Wars, ‘The Man’ in the cult classic Forklift Drivers From Hell, a young writer working on his latest piece, a improviser, teacher, musician, magician, always very close to something wonderful. He reached generously to young actors teaching his tricks of the trade willingly. always smiling, always funny, witty, that baby faced man with the debonair way about him. He inspired confidence in others and filled the room with the energy of a young boy about to do something naughty. He has left an imprint on my life, on our community, on a generation of improvisors who walk on the edge of funny. Jim’s exit was dramatic, sorrowful, and tragically sudden to most of us. I can only imagine the pain and loneliness he was feeling that nothing earthly could appease. I am so grateful for your time with us and will always be the better having known you. I will miss you Jim Kasmir, I love you and wish you God speed and a friendly audience as you take your final bow and make your way home.

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