The Only Constant is Change

cropped-polar-bear-broken-heart.jpgI just got back from another seminar… a “how to” seminar. You’d think I’d just pull up youtube and learn but I felt the need for human connection. I wanted a human standing in front of me to make the plunge into MORE tech connection palatable. I looked up at the human who was standing in front of a HUGE screen pointing out how I too can tweet messages that have nothing to do with my business to get more fans so I can be a social media rockstar. A quick check around the room and I learned everyone is there to learn how to get connected to people to sell their service… most are services. Many are how to do more social media services. How to connect to websites that can link to blogs that can tag people that can tweet it out to their million followers. Wait, what am I here for again?

I was walking in the mall and some facial product guy came up and started putting lotion on my hand. I had ten minutes to kill and the shop was new so I went in. I had learned the seven steps to successful selling the night before, so I immediately recognized the guy’s earnest connection and offer to pinky swear a promise as he went down the checklist to the sale. Yes, I bought, the cheap thing, cuz I liked the packaging. He immediately asked if I was sure I wanted what he had worked so hard to sell – that’s the final step of selling – and I had to laugh out loud.

Seems we’re all going to the social networking classes and the how to do a perfect sale (or at least minimize wasted time on customers who don’t want any) so we can sell each other crap we don’t need or necessarily want. Where is the connection? I don’t trust anyone anymore because I’m looking for their angle.

I gotta go. I’m late for my next seminar.

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