The Only Constant is Change

laser burst beamsI had a dream that I was in a flying contest. I was flying my own plane and I had a “crew” of people. We were supposed to fly somewhere and then back and the place we flew to seemed to be like a futuristic apartment building. I got there ok, but the plane stalled a couple of times; I didn’t check everything before getting back in and the bolts and screws were completely off. I took off after fixing a couple of things – I wasn’t thorough, I was just trying to get there first. And so the plane kept stalling and I had to do an emergency landing at a school. I found out that everything was loose and I fixed everything and got back in the air. The kids at the school helped me. So when I took off again everything was tighter. I had a smooth confident flight back and when I landed I found out I came in last – and it’s like no one noticed because they were busy celebrating the winner. And I sarcastically said “thanks to my crew – all the screws came off and I had to stop and fix them”. No one cared. Just suddenly stopped and went about their business.
This dream is so representational of my life. I actually stopped at a school for fifteen years; this really happened – I was “flying” (metaphorically most of the time) but all the screws were loose and I had to emergency land – go off track of my life path – to the school where the kids helped me fix everything. And when I “got back in the plane” I safely went to the next stop and life had just gone on. No one noticed I had to stop or even cared. But I did. I felt a loss for while. The truth is I needed to discover the screws were loose and take the time to fix them. Now I can fly anytime I want.

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