The Only Constant is Change

paris peaceParis, Nigeria, Belgian bombings. We are at war. My fear is that with each bomb we create more hatred. My fear is also that these people will continue indescriminately killing people to instill fear in the world population. Fear can make us relinquish our civil rights. Fear can cause us to inflame the prejudice dejour. I am one person. What can I really do?

I can take care of my own piece of the pie. I can do what I have been doing and create a better world through dialogue and teaching collaboration, compassion and critical thinking through the theatre. This is a long game problem. No easy bombs can be dropped. No easy deportations can stop the dynamic that is in play. But groups can spring up across the United States to offer places where people can come together, share experiences, an hear thinking that is not like their own, and come to terms with where they stand in the world.

The more we are up close and personal with people who think differently than us, the more chance we have to be strong, smart, compassionate and collaborative in how we handle moving forward.

Studio V offers acting classes starting January 5. It also offers an ethnographic theatre class that is geared to this very work. Take a look at the classes. Take a stand. Join us in changing the world, one voice at a time.

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