The Only Constant is Change


Patricia Lynn-Strickland (Director, producer, writer, actress) is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts West. Her directing and acting credits include over 200 productions and acting in numerous productions throughout Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Patricia is a 2013 recipient for the Earth Charter Award for Education and Outreach, a 2009 recipient of the City of Ventura Mayor’s Arts Award for Arts Educator of the year, 2007 recipient of The City of Ventura Artist’s Fellowship Award for directing, a 2005 recipient of The City of Ventura Artist’s Fellowship Award for playwriting, a 2001 recipient of the REP award for Excellence in Performance, a 1990 recipient of the County of Ventura Arts Commission’s award for Outstanding Achievement in the Performing Arts, and a 2011 recipient of 4 Star Awards for Directing, Set Design and Outstanding Drama for Tea At Five. Ms. Strickland served as the Artistic Director for the Elite Theatre Company for 8 years. She teaches music and drama at St. Bonaventure High School (15 years), The Rubicon Theatre Company for 7 years, and taught at Our Lady of Assumption School (music/drama 10 years). Besides her theatrical background Ms. Strickland has a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (emphasis on Humanities/Business/Behavioral Sciences) from NYIT’s Ellis College, and a Master’s of Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University. She is very proud of her son Charlie (SBHS alum 2013, now at Sarah Lawrence and a year abroad at BADA) and husband Fred.

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